Thursday, January 20, 2011

So What Do You Do With Dandelion?

I know, it's winter. There's no dandelion out there to be picked. So you know all about this wonderful herb and can't harvest it right now. What to do?

There are several ways to enjoy dandelion and reap its goodness, even during snowy January.

First, harken back to your community herbalist. She probably has a good store of dandelion vinegar, wine, tincture, elixir, dried root, tea, or even root beverage ready for you to try. Go here for dandelion leaf and root tincture; go here for delicious d. root beverage (at the bottom of the page, called DandyBlend).

Ever had roasted dandelion root tea? It's basically a coffee substitute. It tastes rich, and it's thicker than tea (more like coffee). It's got a natural sweetness, but also a natural bitterness (part of its digestive quality) that makes it ideal as a mineral-rich pick-me-up on a cold winter morning. We sell a granulated drink so all you have to do is add boiling water. You can also add sweetener and milk, and voila! A nourishing satisfying winter drink with all the tonic benefits of dandelion root (yes, women, you probably need that extra iron!). This drink even employs the goodness of roasted chicory and roasted beetroot without any caffeine or additives.


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