Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be Sweet Today

With all the hype against sugar these days--blood sugar highs, diabetes and obesity, hypoglycemia, cardiovascular troubles, terrible health--it's no wonder we feel pressured to stay away from sweets. Sweet treats will rot our teeth, rob our memories, and make us generally all-around sticky no-good people. Or so we're told.

There is a certain truth to it, of course. An excess of anything will cause imbalance, and moderation is always the best course. Sweets do play havoc with our protein/potassium/salt/amino acid/you-name-it chemical balance that we try so hard to keep ship-shape. So it's important to not overdo the sugars, especially refined sugars.

But I'm afraid this resistance to sugars has led us, as a nation, to abstain from sweets in general--even sweetness to each other. Sweetness to ourselves.

I'm here to say we all need a bit of sweet in our lives. Maybe even a lot of sweet. Not necessarily food sweets. But giving, kind, syrupy, stick to your teeth, heart-felt loving sweetness. When was the last time you gave yourself a hug? How about giggling out-of-control with your children? Rolling around on the floor with someone special, sharing the darn sweetest evening of love, laughter and silliness?

It's this kind of sweetness that warms our cockles and bastes our hearts with the joy of living. Otherwise we'd be dry and sour. This balance is part of who we are: we're meant to laugh, to be silly, to joke and to bestow sweet, loving gifts on others. This kind of love will never rot your teeth--instead, it will anchor you to the light, bolster your health and (I think) improve your immunity. Nothing beats chocolate love.

Be sweet today-- to yourself and to those you love,

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