Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An opportunity is the Universe's way of answering our requests. The catch is, we often don't realize we've made any requests (at least consciously), so many opportunities are viewed as freak chances, random happenings, or even as meaningless coincidences.

Was it a freak chance that William Withering long ago met up with a wise village woman in Shropshire, England, and "discovered" her methods for using foxglove to treat heart failure? Was it coincidence that, in mythology, young Kore fell down a hole and was dragged to the underworld, forcing her mother--the Grain Goddess Demeter--to mournfully create winter? More personally, was it a "random happening" when you first met your spouse? Or that you were born to the parents who birthed you?

So many chance meetings and experiences take place that we pretend to be unaware of why they are happening. "Surely I didn't create this," we think. "Wow, how lucky that I ran into you today!" Or, "I don't know, it's what I asked for but now I'm not so sure I should take it." These negative thoughts undermine our ability to see that we are, in fact, creating our own destinies and the Universe is happily obliging, giving us exactly what we ask for.

What are you asking for, right now?

And is the Universe giving it to you? Maybe...right now?


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