Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Holly's Top Ten Edible Herbs...#9

When most people think of roses, they imagine William Shakespeare, or a garden in full bloom, or Valentine’s Day. Few people actually think of eating the roses, but I admit I am one of that crowd. There are actually two parts of the rose that can be considered top-notch edibles: the hips (that is, the ripe fruit that forms after the flower has fallen), and the petals.

The hips are high in vitamin C and as such make a valuable contribution to the winter larder. Make a simple tea (decoction) from the hips, or a syrup, and take it by the teaspoonful as a medicine. It tastes strongly tart but can be tamed with a little sugar or honey.

And the petals? Sprinkle fresh, light rose petals on top of a summer green salad, or on top of fresh fruit or even ice cream. It’s also easy to candy them by dipping them carefully in a sugar syrup and allowing them to dry on a screen. Roses help heal the heart—emotionally, so eating them as a sweet treat is surely on target for what Mother Nature intended for this beautiful plant.

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