Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holly's Top Ten Edible Herbs...#11

Are we past 10 yet? Quite possibly, but I can’t stop. There are so many wonderful edible plants that are ready to be tried and enjoyed. Greek oregano is one, and it’s so easy to grow all you have to do is throw down a few seeds in the garden and by fall you’ll be weed-whacking you’re way through the dense, lush, Mediterranean-scented oregano patch.

It requires sandy, well drained soil that’s also somewhat rich, with full sun but it tolerates shade. Sound contradictory? It is, simply because oregano likes to grow in virtually any habitat south of the Arctic and north of the South pole.

Culinarily, Greek oregano (which differs from Mexican oregano) gives pizza that piquant flavor of Italy and lends pasta sauce that pizzazz we all expect from tomatoes. Used fresh, it makes a lovely addition sprinkled onto your favorite Roman dishes, but the real flavor comes after the oregano leaves are dried. Store them in an air-tight container and use within a year.

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